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Protestantism in Charente Maritime

La Rochelle, the peninsula of Arvert, Calvin, Henry of Navarre, Agrippa d'Aubigné, Bernard Palissy ... What places and characters associated with the Protestant religion throughout the territory of the Charente Maritime! 

How and why did the Reformed religion take place so dramatically in Aunis and Saintonge? Why did the new ideas it brought terrify to the point of provoking eight conflicts, the siege of La Rochelle, massive emigration and conquest to the new world?


Our guides propose to make you discover this theme, at your convenience, under one or more of the following angles:

the architecture of Protestant places of worship
from La Rochelle to Jarnac, the high places of conflict between Catholics and Protestants
the conquest of the New World: Pierre Dugua of Mons and Champlain
La Rochelle - Brouage the big rivals
the famous Protestants
the revocation of the Edict of Nantes (1685) and the paths of the refuge.

We will put you in touch with the guide who will make you appreciate this theme.

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