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We, tour guides passionate about the Charente-Maritime, its history and its heritage, decided to regroup within the association (law 1901) Cicérone club for 3 main reasons:

  1. promote our business and our activity with local partners

  2. pool our resources by sharing this website, an agenda and a common telephone number

  3. organize monthly round tables during which:

    • we invite a historian to continually deepen our knowledge,

    • we exchange with our colleagues on the expectations of our listeners, news in Charente Maritime and our favorites in restaurant or accommodation.

Because of an immense desire to discover the world, I lived and traveled several years abroad before putting my backpack down at La Rochelle. My passion for history and heritage decided me to share with visitors my knowledge and my enthusiasm for our superb region. I will be happy to accompany you in your journey. In French, English or Spanish we will evoke the great hours, the troubled times but also these little anecdotes about the coasts and the Charentaise islands.



François is a certified tour guide based in Royan, his working languages are French, English and German. François defines himself as an intercultural mediator and considers heritage above all as an expression of historically and socially situated cultures. Bursting and busted city, mingling Belle époque and 50’s styles, Royan will show you through François a multi-sided sense of modernity....



I am a confirmed speaker specialized in art history especially in painting. I step in academic, associative and private fields. I also publish as part of my research. I organize tours of private artist studios, castles and trips abroad.



Except to be misanthropic, even downright savage, one of the greatest pleasures of life is to open your bag and share the contents with your companions for a day or forever. My luggage is made of lessons from my masters, the frequent attendance of places of history and especially of these unusual moments, these picturesque places which mark out my search for limpid or futile waters, living and useful waters. As a historian, I have a particular fondness for the bastioned architecture that borders the Charente Maritime coast, as a Christian I have a passionate love for this beautiful coat of Romanesque churches that covers our landscapes, as a citizen finally, I an irrepressible need to know the roads, the canals, the bridges, all these equipments which arrange our territory. But as a guide, it's you, tourists and visitors, that interest me. Speak to me quickly, I have so many things to tell you



Share my passion for History and Architecture! I have always lived in Charente Maritime and I am a professional guide for many years, so I have a very good knowledge of the heritage of the Department. In accompanying you, I will make you discover the charm, the diversity and the richness of the landscapes and the cities of Aunis and Saintonge. The “charentais” heritage will leave you an unforgettable impression.



What better way to present Stéphane Gallibour than to deliver the comment of a tourist. Indeed, he recently accompanied for a week a group of Belgians, who came to hike on the Charente coast. Shortly after their return, the Cicerone-Club received a letter of thanks from which we extract the following passage: "... If the habit does not make the monk, the costume at Stephane is the druid, at least a nice mix of Celtic and medieval traditions." Always playful, attentive to each, passionate and passionate storyteller, Stéphane was during our stay in Charente-Maritime, more than a guide, better than a leader: a true friend.



Being written...



Great traveler myself, especially in France, I always spend a lot of time choosing which places to visit to grasp what is the soul and charm of the region I'm traveling. The Cicerone Club offers me, as a tour guide, a great opportunity: that of extracting me from a particular tourist site to make you discover, more widely, the connection, the coherence from a geographical point of view, historical and human of several sites around a chosen theme. I will add to your stay that extra soul that makes the whole of the Charente Maritime so endearing.



Originally from Bordeaux, I once crossed the path of a child from the north of Gironde, bordering Charente-Maritime. A few years and 2 children later, we now live halfway between Bordeaux and Cognac. This situation offers me a wonderful professional playfield between 3 french districts to offer you a large range of guided tours to discover our beautiful region: from Bordeaux the sleeping beauty to the royal Cognac through Saintes the bimillenial town or Angoulême, the citadel of Blaye, Talmont or Saint-Emilion... Passionate about the Gironde estuary, the largest estuary in Western Europe, I offer daytrips to discover the villages that are scattered along its shores, their anecdotes, their local products and the rich history of the "Bordeaux River". Thanks to my minivan, I also invite you to discover the Bordeaux vineyards or the secrets of Cognac distillation (up to 8 passengers)



I am a guide and I invite you to share my passion for the foreshore, this land of the in-between which, according to the tides, gives itself or refuses ... You will discover there, with my helps some of its secrets and traces of a story partly shaped by those who have made their ephemeral nurturing garden ... My proposal of visits is done on the island of Ré not always on the same place and consists of: Discovery of the seaside fauna. - Reading landscape. - Awareness raising on fishing foot. - History of fish locks.

L'estran animé


Originally from Brittany, I live in Charente Maritime for over 25 years and thanks to my profession of guide, I was able to browse and learn to know this department, its natural wealth, history and traditions. A guided tour is also an exchange: I am waiting for you to share my experience and to communicate my enthusiasm, whether you speak French or English, and make your stay a memorable one.



Since my childhood, I am attracted by the heritage and historical legacy of my region. It was therefore logical that I follow a university course in history and history of art. Holder of a master's degree in modern history in Bordeaux, a master's degree in Toulouse, I obtained the guide card speakers of cities and countries of art and history in 2012. Living in Montguyon (south Charente-Maritime ), I am passionate about the history of the canton of the "3 Monts" (Montguyon, Montlieu, Montendre). I share the result of my research through conferences and thematic visits such as "the hospital churches in the former canton of Montlieu" or "in the footsteps of the lords of Montguyon".



Diploma guide in hand a few years ago, I traveled in different regions of France and the world, each of my discoveries is a treasure that I like to share by reviving places and characters. Today I put my bags in Charente Maritime, I fell in love with its history, its remains, its landscapes, so it is with great enthusiasm that I would like you to discover this beautiful region. My few years lived abroad especially in Anglo-Saxon countries allow me to make visits in English.



Passionate about architecture, I invite you to discover La Rochelle and its region in my company. It is by walking and observing that history is revealed more alive: architectures, curiosities, unusual stories, readings of the landscape, understanding of specifics of the art of building and town planning in La Rochelle ... the city will have no secrets for you!



You visit Charente-Maritime and want to discover its economic and cultural heritage through new and authentic encounters. From my childhood fed memories of the Ile de Ré, at the option of my studies of History of Art at the Ecole du Louvre and my experience of living for twelve years in the United States, I learned all the richness of openness to the world and to human relationships. Let's discover together the French way of life and the sweetness of living in our region.



Marvel at the treasures of New Aquitaine! I will be your ambassador "Terre & Mer "to accompany you to the most remarkable sights of my region of adoption. Very sensitive to La Rochelle maritime history, I participate in the radiation of this city in two ways. I interpret marine songs and I organize many events. Trilingual National Interpreter Guide, I also arrange travels and I am involved in tourism development.

Simon - DS à la carte


Of Russian origin, I happen to come to Cognac and fall in love with this beautiful region. Being a trilingual guide / interpreter, I would be delighted to share with you my expertise and knowledge about Cognac and its beverage. I am passionate about castles and French heritage. Together, we will discover the hidden treasures at your own pace.



Your are a guide and would like to join the Cicérone Club, don't hesitate to contact us.