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The pleasures of Bacchus

Charentais wine, Cognac and Pineau des Charentes.

Until the 15th century, the reputation of Charentais wine supplanted that of Bordeaux and its great wines were exported to England, Holland and the Scandinavian countries.

aste "the pleasures of Bacchus" is the promise to revel in the history of a secular tradition that gave birth to the renowned Cognac and Pineau des Charentes.

Our guides propose to make you discover this theme, at your convenience, under one or more of the following angles:

  • lthe vineyards in Charente and Charente Maritime and its picturesque roads

  • Cognac, from the wine stage to the internationally renowned brandy: the story of an extraordinary destiny

  • cooperage and other professions related to the cultivation of the vine

  • the built heritage relating to the culture of the vine (cellars, cellars, cellars)

  • the part of the angels

We will put you in touch with the guide who will make you appreciate this theme.

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