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The refreshing theme of water in Charente-Maritime 

  • biological (water food),

  • ecological (water aquatic biotope),

  • hydraulic (the average water transport and energy transformer)

  • symbolic (water symbol of purity, fertility).


Because of its many properties, water is a great excuse to take an interest in human activities throughout history.

Let yourself be surprised by the inventory of inventions and strategies used over the centuries to use water in daily activities.

Our guides propose to make you discover this theme, at your convenience, under one or more of the following angles:

  • the wells, fountains and wash-houses

  • water supply systems

  • hydraulic equipment - bath-showers, diversion bays, water towers, lift pumps

  • industrial laundries and particular detergents in the nineteenth century

  • the canals and the management of wetlands and marshes

We will put you in touch with the guide who will make you appreciate this theme.

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