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Along the Charente River


Henri IV called it "the most beautiful brook of my kingdom" and Louis XIV decided to establish any loan from its mouth "the most beautiful arsenal of the kingdom". The Charente is definitely not a commonplace river.

And if the etymology advanced in the fourth century by the Latin poet Ausone is accurate, the origin of the word Charente would be a Gaulish expression meaning "river with calm waters".


How have the qualities of this tranquil river been exploited? For whom and for what uses? What are the activities still practiced?

Our guides propose to make you discover this theme, at your convenience, under one or more of the following angles:

  • the activities practiced along the Charente: from the transport of goods to the construction of proud and beautiful vessels of the King,

  • the castle of Cognac where François I was born at the castle of Roche Courbon called "the castle of Sleeping Beauty", the beautiful residences located along the river

  • Cognac, Saintes, Tonnay-Charente and Rochefort, cities with pasts and personalities so different

  • exceptional structures and infrastructures along the Charente river: mills, ferries, locks and bridges

We will put you in touch with the guide who will make you appreciate this theme.

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